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Minister Julia Coleman prepares to give away shoes and clothing on a mission trip to Nigeria

Donate to our ministry today to help perpetuate the many human enrichment projects we are currently working on, including a fundraiser that will benefit disenfranchised individuals in poor areas such as Africa and the Dominican Republic obtain access to clean drinking water. This new access to the clean drinking water will prevent thousands of deaths that occur every year from diseases like malaria. 


These shoes were distributed to poor individuals on a mission trip to Lagos, Nigeria
First aid items such as antiseptic cream and band-aids are prepped for give away in Nigeria

Universal Pendulum Salvation Ministries has been given an assignment by Jesus; and that is to give not only the word but also tangible necessities to his people. Our objective is to reach every corner of the globe; building homes, schools, water wells, orphanages and giving away clothing, shoes, vehicles and helping individuals escape debt are just a few of the things that we will do. Any size donation will help in our help pursuit, but with a donation of at least $40.00 you will receive a copy of Minister Julia Coleman's book I'm Saying-Stuff Christians Need to Speak Out On. Help us help others. 

Loving the Unlovable

Touching the Untouchable

Reaching the Unreachable

In the name of Jesus

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Our Leadership

Ronnie and Julia Coleman Ministries is based in Houston, Texas. Our aim is to reach God's children both spiritually with the word and tangibly with items to assist in everyday living here in Houston and eventually branch out to every corner of the globe. We have already reached the continents of North America and Africa, with a return trip to Africa in the works. Stand with us as we help others.  

I'm Saying-Stuff Christians Need to Speak Out On

Purchase Minister Julia Coleman's Book I'm Saying today. It is a tool that you do not want to go into spiritual battle without. Focusing on the fruits of the spirit, this piece of literature will be a vital asset in strengthening any Christian's spiritual walk. Whether you are a new believer, seasoned believer or even a non-believer, this is the book for you. A portion of the proceeds from all sales will go towards our future missions.


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